Ballard Seeds is committed to Research and Development in the pasture seed industry.

We do this by sowing many trials and demonstration sites across Western Australia as well as internationally in South Africa and China. We hold Farmer Field Days and Independent Field Walks at these sites throughout the year as we believe in a hands-on approach for the gathering of pasture development information.

Through this experience we have gained valuable agronomic knowledge which we are then able to pass on to our clients on the new and existing varieties in a range of growing conditions.

Ballard Seeds has built a close working relationship with pasture breeders within the Department of Agriculture and Food WA, Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA), CSIRO, Murdoch University and University of WA, leading plant breeders from New South Wales, South
Australia, Queensland and Overseas.

We aim to provide consistent comprehensive information to all our clients through demonstration and trial sites in local areas and onsite trial information conducted over a wide variety of conditions.

We may be contacted directly at Farmer Field Days and Field Walks or in Narrogin WA – Ph: (08) 9881 5711.